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Example Frame

Centre for Humanitarian Assistance Trust

works with the indigenous communities,
especially women and children, in and around Visakhapatnam Dist., Andhra Pradesh,
South India.


“To establish a just, egalitarian social order through the participation of communities to create self sustenance and self reliance for individuals, Families and Communities”



Empowerment of all people with disabilities for realizing their rights to education, health, livelihood/employment to lead quality life with dignity.

Objectives :

  1. To bring every eligible disabled member into the fold of group and strengthen the institutions of the disabled to function effectively to cater to the needs of its own members on a continuous basis.
  2. To promote a community based mechanism to hold responsibility to extend medical rehabilitation services to ‘needy PWDs’ on a constant basis.
  3. To mainstream CWDs in primary schools and Inclusion of children with disabilities in sports, games & cultural activities
  4. To undertake a scientific research study on identifying the potential and suitable livelihood options for disabled and To build the confidence and to provide technical support for disabled to take up suitable and viable livelihood activities ultimately to prove themselves as economically independent.
  5. To create awareness among the community and key stakeholders on disability issues and sensitize them to advocate & lobby the PWDs rights issues and Promote leadership and Net works

Programme Achieved So far in Kotauratla (Statistical Details)

PWD PROGRAMME ACTIVITIES- 2010 April- 2014 January Name of the Programme Total statistics
1 Total villages covered in Mandal 34 Villages
2 Total PWDs in Mandal M 377+ F 232 =  609
3 Total PWD Groups in Mandal & Group Fund 22Villages / 36 Groups - 2,60,070/-
4 Total PWD Group Members M 229+F 122 = 351 Members
5 PWD Network working group leaders 54 members
6 PWDs received Scooters 2 PWDs received scooters
7 PWDs received Wheel chairs 6 chairs (M 4+ F2)
8 PWDs received Hearing Impaired equipment 2 (M1 + F1)
9 PWDs received Tri Cycles 26 members
10 PWD Scholarships received 13 villages- 33 persons received
11 PWDs received bus pass 13 Villages-108 members
12 PWDs received train pass 7 villages- 15 members
13 PWD Persons received certificates 2 villages- 5 members
14 PWD Persons received Pensions (500/-) 2 Villages- 5 members
15 PWD received Insurance 9 Villages- 60 members
16 PWD Groups received Bank Loans 5Villages – 8 PWD Groups-2,50,000/-
17 PWD training on Parent’s Sensitization 5 Villages- 40 members
18 Staff trained in ADD India on Development training on Disability (DTD) 5 Staff – 40 Days
19 PWD Livelihood support; Petty Business; Vegetable; Cycle shop; Sandal(cheppal) Making; Tea Shop 13 members
20 PWD Skills & Technology – DRDS Computer Training 2 Villages / 2 Persons

CWD (Children With Disability) PROGRAMME ACTIVITIES- 2010 April- 2014 Jan Name of the Programme Total statistics
1 Total CWD s 85 children
2 Parents sensitization training on CWDs by ADD INDIA 15 Children -25 Parents
3 CWD Bus passes received 15 children
4 CWD Train passes received 10 children
5 CWD School enrollment 6 Children
6 CWD Scholarships received 15 children
7 CWD Operations Eye Operation-1, Leg operation-1
8 Hearing Impaired equipment support 1 Child
9 CWD Tools received Hearing Impaired equipment support

Livelihood promotion

Livelihood promotion for the disabled is one of the important components of the project. The project would like to adopt scientific approaches for promoting livelihoods among the disabled. The project is intended to create and demonstrate a successful model of livelihood promotion among the disabled to benefit many institutions intended to work on livelihood promotion.

Livelihood support

Sl. Name of the  Village Name of the Person Disability Present Livelihood
1 B. K. Palli R. Rambabu Polio/ left leg & hand


2 B. K. Palli L. Gajalaxmi Dumb


3 Sunkapuru CH. Laxmi Polio/ left lower limb Vegetable
4 Sunkapuru L. Kanababu Polio/ left lower limb Cycle shop
5 Kodavatipudi P.Subhayamma Polio/ lower limb, Spine Vegetable Business
6 Kodavatipudi P. Apparao Polio / Foot Drop Cobbler (Cheppal Making)
7 Lingapuram V. Ganginaidu Post Polio Residual paralysis (PPRP)


8 Panduru S. Suribabu Polio/left leg & hand


9 R. Ch. Palem Laxman Rao Post Polio Residual paralysis (PPRP)


10 Kotauratla GVenkatararao Cerebral palsy (CP)


11 Kotauratla S. Yalayya Nerve Paralysis, Lower Extremity Limb


12 Chowduwada M.Kanthamma Polio/ left shoulder  & Leg Vegetable business
13 P. K. Palli A  Gangaraju Nerve Paralysis, Right sided hemi paresis Tea Shop



T. Kumar is a young and energetic young person belongs to Razaka (Dhobi) community. He hails from Santha Bailu, Kotauratla mandal, Vizag district. Family consists of seven members and their main occupation is washing clothes and Ironing.They are all live in joint family and earn very little and in rainy season it is very difficult for them to earn as they do not have any space to dry the clothes after washing.
They are living in small thatched house. The government is already sanctioned housing but due to poverty and poor economic condition they are unable to construct their house. Whole family is depending on traditional dhobi work. They are land less. And all the family engages in the same traditional occupation and earning 400-600 Rs/-per week. The family faces lot of problems and difficult to run the family.

Kumar is very intelligent and good in his studies. He studied 1st standard to 10th standard in Kotauratla MPUP School. After 10th class he also started helping his family in washing clothes and Ironing.. When he is studying 1st intermediate in Kotauratla he met with an accident.. The electrical department was laying new power line for their street lights. Those Electrical wires were lying down in front of his house. During the night he came out of his house and stamped on the wires as it was dark he could not able to see the wires. He got immediate electrical shock and collapsed and referred to KGH vizag. Doctors suggested that to remove his legs up to knees. AS per the doctors advice both the legs were removed and he came back home with helplessness. He was unable to do anything and walk. He used to look like he had nothing. People were visiting with sympathetic words and refuse to extend any help for him. He used to cry at home because of the way he was and could not go to college.

pwd pwd pwd
T. Kumar Family Family Occupation T. Kumar


Family situation:

Chinni Appalanaidu is 30 years old and he is young person Appala Naidu belongs to backward community (yatha) and land less poor family. He was by birth Dumb, he is married and having two children, staying in PK Palli village, Kotauratla mandal, Vishakhapatnam district. Family consists of six members and their main occupation is collecting palm Drink extraction and selling in the village. They are living in joint family and earning money three months only. After the season it is very difficult to maintain his family. They do not have any other alternative sources for their livelihood and they are living in small thatched house. The government is sanctioned Indira Avas housing program but due to poor economic condition they are unable to construct their house. Whole family is depending on traditional collecting palm drink and earning Rs.500-600 /- per week.

Family of Chinni Appalanaidu

Family of Chinni Appalanaidu

Past situation:

When he is offseason the family was depending on migration work and he is going for migration work more than 500 to 600 km from PK Palli village. The whole family is depending on Appala Naidu and his mother and father is old age they were unable to doing any work. While Appala Naidu went to migration work during the cutting of sugarcane as it was dark he could not see the snake he got incident by snake bite and immediately his friends took to hospital for emergency treatment. After few days he comes back to his village and suffering with Pain. Due to poor economic condition he is unable to refer to doctor. After few days help of community he referred to private hospital, Kakinada. Doctors suggested that to remove his left leg up to his knees because of leg was septic. According to doctors advice left leg was removed and he came back to home. He was unable to do anything and he is walking with help of stick.

After operation chinni Appalnaidu

After operation chinni Appalnaidu

Project intervention :

The project started Community based rehabilitation work with PWD under this program project was conducted survey on disability persons. PK Palli also one of the target village and staff of PWD identified Appala Naidu and he is member of PWD group. Under the PWD Program project started generating awareness among the disable persons. Project started forming PWD Groups and monthly savings. The PWD team organizing every month group meetings and discussing their problems and mobilize them to collect monthly savings. The project arranged with a help of lions club, Vishakhapatnam, provided for mobility artificial leg.

PWD Group

Tea shop

Tea shop

Tea shop

Present situation:

Presently Appala Naidu running small Tea shop in the village with help of PWD Group and he took challenge to provide good life for his children’s. The children’s are studying in 5th and 3rd class in government school, now he is getting support from the government every month Rs.500/- pension


Family situation

Loveti Kannababu is a 27 years old and belongs to Yatha (Kallugeetha) community and staying in Sunkapur village, Kotauratlamandal,Vishakhapatanam district. The family is a land less and poor family. His family is consists of four members. He has an elder brother and his wife, two daughters. Elder daughter is 3 years old and younger daughter is one year old. Kannababu studied up to 7th class and he is affected by the polio in child hood and left lower limb impaired reach (Post polio residual paralysis) and Kannababu wife L.Laxmi is also disable effected with polio. They are living in colony house supported by the Government housing programme. All the members in the family is depending upon Kannababu . He is a small cycle mechanic it is very difficult to maintain their family. Kannababu and his wife getting every month pensionRs.1000/-from the government.

kanna babu

Intervention of CeFHA:

Project was organized PWD survey in sunkapuru village Kannababu is one of the PWD in the village. The project organised awareness campaigns and education on the livelihoods of PWDS. They also formed a PWD group in the village and Kannababu joined as a member in the PWD group. Later he also became a PWD network member also. He started savings every month Rs.50/- in the bank along with other members. Kannababu started a small cycle mechanic shop and got support by NTPC. After formation of the group he approached bank for loan and network supported him to get loan for cycle shop.

Kannababu & Laxmi

Present situation:

Kannababu don’t have any other alternative income sources to survival of his family. Banks sanction Rs.10, 000/- loan for him to expand his cycle shop with spare parts of the cycle. Now he started his own cycle mechanic shed nearer to main road and middle of the Jalluru and Sukapuru village. Today Kannnababu is a good mechanic and he is earning every day Rs.200/- to Rs.300/- now he started his individual A/C in the bank and every month he saving Rs.500/- in the bank. Kannababu and his wife thinking about children’s future how they will get good education and make them as a teacher or engineer.

Kannababu Cycle shop

Laxmi want to start some petty business in the village and she want to support her family. Laxmi alsoa member of PWD group and she is also continuing her savings in PWD group. Laxmi planned to take loan from the PWD group fund and start her own business.

kannababu & laxmi


Situation of the Family:

LalamLaxmanrao is 25 years old and belongs to Backward community and staying in Ramachandrapalem village,Kotauratlamandal,Vishkhapatanam district. He lives with his family in a Pakka house which was provided by the Government. His family consists of four members parents and his younger brother Mr.Marideswarao , who is studying in the collage. His parents are having 2 acres of land and both are working in agriculture field and produce vegetables, pulses and millets .Laxmanrao parents have to work all day long in order to sustain themselves and family. Laxmanrao finished intermediate in Purnasai hostel, Yalamanchili. His parents are illiterates and depending on agriculture . So they hope that if their children study well, they will be able to have a better future. Laxmanrao at the age of 3 years he got polio,bilateral lower limb impaired (post polio residual paralysis) and he is getting monthly Rs.500/- pension from the government.

Intervention of CeFHA:

Project was organized PWD survey in RCH Palem village Laxmanrao is one of the PWD in the village. The project organized meeting with 12 members of group in RCH Palem village. Laxmanrao is one of the member of PWD group and network member also. He started savings every month Rs.50/- in the bank along with other members. Laxmanrao always feels that he is burden of the family and he him self want to earn money for his expenses . Laxmanrao Started small petty shop in the village and slowly he is developing his shop and earning income to meet his needs. All the villagers are very supportive and buy goods from his shop. He is very much interest to learn computers .


Present situation:

Laxmanrao don’t have any other alternative income sources to fulfil his dream . Laxman want to expend his petty business. He approached PWD group and network members about his application for loan to bank and bus pass to local government &APS RTC, Narsipatnam. With the support of the Project , he received loan Rs.10000/- and expanded his shop and also got bus pass. Now Laxmanrao is having good sales with all groceries and he is selling the goods with in the village and earns every day Rs.500/- to Rs.700/- and Laxmanrao join computer course in Narisipatnam. Laxmanrao started his own savings and every month he is saving Rs.5000/- in the bank.

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